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About Cedar Montessori School

The school is organized as a non-profit corporation that is governed by a Board of Directors, which consists of parents, staff and members of the local community who volunteer their time in the continued development of Cedar Montessori School. The Head Of School, or CEO, of the school is responsible for day-to-day operation of the school. All major decisions are with the help of the Curriculum Council Advisory Board, the Board of Directors and the Parent Advisory Board. The school offers three main educational programs and all day care for children in Collier County: Toddler, Primary, Lower and Upper Elementary.

The Infant/Toddler program handles children ages 18 months through 3 years old. Graduates of this program will be phased into the preschool program as each child is individually ready for the new challenges.

The Primary program has two classrooms all taught by trained, certified Montessori Directresses. The program is sanctioned and uses the complete Montessori philosophy, and genuine Montessori classroom materials.

The Elementary program is headed by an AMI Directress with many years of experience. The class will work with children ages 6 years through 12 years, using both the Montessori philosophy and genuine Montessori Elementary materials.

Cedar Montessori School is the longest established complete Montessori program in Collier County.

Our History

Cedar Montessori School, Inc. was established on November 1, 1983 by Marsha and Roy Marshall, and opened its doors on January 2, 1984. Cedar Montessori is registered with the State of Florida as a not-for-profit corporation. We are licensed by the Department of health and Rehabilitative Services to serve 145 children in large, spacious facilities. Cedar Montessori offers programs including Toddler, Primary, Extended Primary, Lower/Upper Elementary and after school care.

The "East" School opened its doors on January 2, 1984 with four students. The school offered an Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) certified and sanctioned educational program for children ages 2 through 6 years.

The "North" School was established in August, 1986 and opened its doors that September. The school was licensed for 45 children and had an AMI educational program for 2 through 6 year olds exactly like the "East" School.

The Infant/Toddler Montessori program opened in the fall of 1987 at the East School location. "Graduates" of the program were phased into the primary program, as each child was individually ready for the new challenges. Cedar Montessori was able to move into a free standing building that housed an Infant/Toddler environment, two Primary classrooms (age 2-6), and an Elementary program (ages 6-9) for parents who wished their child to continue their Montessori education. The "New" North School opened its doors on September 5, 1989.

The building of the new addition in the summer of 1992 meant the closing of the original East school. The consolidation of the schools meant an expanding of all programs. The Toddler program doubled in size, the Primary program increased to three classrooms and the Elementary program moved to larger room allowing for the expansion to age 12 (through grade six). During the 1996-1997 school year the Elementary program used an upstairs classroom to allow the Lower and Upper Elementary students to occupy their own classrooms.

On August 20th, 2007 the founders, Marsha and Roy Marshall, retired from the school. Anissa Arloro has signed on to become the school's new Director.

The growth of the school has been very rapid since it started in 1984 with four students. We at Cedar Montessori have tried very hard to keep up with the need for quality education in Collier County in every way possible.

None of our growth could ever have taken place without the help that we have had from some very dedicated parents and staff. Cedar Montessori School is proud of those parents, staff and everyone who has helped us to become what we are today - a quality school helping up to 140 families realize their dreams.